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The Victim Archetype Essence Drops help to:

  • identify when we are being victimised
  • move away from self-pity
  • become aware of being the victimiser


The negative traits of The Victim are self-evident. But when properly recognized, it can be a tremendous aid in letting us know when we are in danger of letting ourselves be victimized, often through passivity but also through rash or inappropriate actions. It can also help us to see our own tendency to victimize others for personal gain. 


In its shadow aspect, the Victim shows us that we may like to play the Victim at times because of the positive feedback we get in the form of sympathy or pity. Our goal is always to learn how to recognize these inappropriate attitudes in ourselves or others, and to act accordingly.


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The Victim Archetype Essence Drops 50ml

  • Purifed water, brandy and vibrational essences.

    The vibrational essences in this formula include 9 drops each of:

    Australian Bush Flower Essences:-

    Living Essences of Australia:-