Each piece of Orgonite contains natural clear pieces of quartz and other crystals. The Orgone Energy pendants and talismans are based on the same principles of Wilhelm Reicht's theory of cosmic etheric energy.


Orgonite is made from both organic and inorganic materials including metals, crystals, nature and resin (which is safe on the skin). The pieces are programmed to protect the auric field by continuously attracting and transmuting bad/negative energy (DOR) caused from WIFI, computers, power lines, electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, mobile phones and emissions, radio frequencies, psychic and paranormal activities and unhealthy energy.

As the resin shrinks, it creates a piezo (tightening) effect. The metal pulls energy in and the crystals clean the energy and pushes out a healthy vibration. This creates a continuous flow of positive energy, transforming into good/positive life giving energy (POR).


Clear quartz is a ‘master crystal’ and its properties help with blockages, concentration and unlocks memory. All of the pieces from Elemental Earth have been made in WA with love and intention and have been tuned up in a Tibetan singing bowl which vibrates to the heart frequency.


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Orgonite Pendant - Donut

  • 3.1cm diameter donut pendant on adjustable hemp cord

    ~ Clear quartz pieces (energy amplifying)

    ~ Brass and copper metal

    ~ Epoxy resin

    ~ Bovis reading at 23k (Ascendant Masters)

    ~ Tuned to the higher heart love frequency for healing

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