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Just Essence 125ml Liquid Smudge - Spray Smudge Stick


This is a new and improved formula area, aura and room spray.

​It is liquid smudge spray smudge stick to use in place of burning traditional sage smudge sticks, which can be dangerous and inconvenient.


​It contains vibrational essences from crystals and a light blend of organic essential oils. This is perfect for use in place of a sage smudge stick and it won't leave behind ash or smoke. It is used widely in consultation and meeting rooms to ensure there is no negative energy imbalances. And for clients who are sensitive to smells, the essential oils won't linger after the room is sprayed. It will smell and feel fresh and clean without affecting sensitive individuals.

Perfect to use after cleaning, when moving house, around electrical equipment, or whenever positive energy and calmness is desired.



4-6 sprays into a room, aura or space as required. For external use only. Shake before use. Store below 30C.

Liquid Smudge Spray 125ml

  • Spring water; alcohol; clear quartz, amethyst and black tourmaline crystal essences; polysorbate 20; organic frankincense and sage essential oils