Choose any combination from the 13 x Living Essences of Japanese Flowers (see below):




This essence gives the ability to go forward, take the next step and manifest ones goals or to complete plans no matter what fear, disruption or obstacles one encounters in the pursuit of them. 


This essence is for respecting the rights of others.  Giving them the right to enjoy their share of collective resources. It transforms the hearts of tyrants whose desire is to control the hearts, minds and resources of others for their own ends. 


This essence is for being true to one's individuality amidst  community  life, whilst  maintaining  one's fair share of collective responsibilities. It helps one to break free of useless unhealthy social obligations. It stimulates an inner desire to contribute to the collective welfare with ones unique talents and gifts. 


This essence relieves the burden of feeling overly responsible. It frees one from the subconscious fear of things falling apart for oneself and others. It gives strength, calmness and courage amidst chaos.


This essence helps to keep an open mind to the advice and ideas from others. It helps them to also show respect for another's viewpoint, even when it's clear the advice being given is faulty. One often looses respect and tolerance for the advice from others when at  an early age one receives unwise council or has dogmatic views imposed upon them. This is especially so when the advice given is from authority figures or respected members of the family or community. Strong-minded individuals will then prefer their own counsel, experience has taught them that the ideas and advice of others are a hindrance to their life rather than a benefit.


This essence is for deepening one's  intelligence  and  expanding one's ability to handle life with spiritual wisdom.  Intelligence can be used in two  ways,  one  is  to use knowledge to sculpture environments (including people), to bring it under the control for personal or group benefit. The other uses the mind to understand the purpose  or reason for one's environment being the way it is. For example, one may find they have parented what they consider is a difficult child. One type of parent will decide to use their intelligence to mould the child's behavior so that they conform to their desires and wishes. Another type of parent realises that the child has come into their life for a reason. They will reflect and see the negative aspects of their own personality that the child's nature challenges. In doing so they realise the Universal teacher is providing the environment for them to learn and overcome those negative aspects within themselves. They will also perceive the opportunity to broaden their understanding of difficult children, so that they may wisely rear and heal their child in order the he or she fulfills their deepest goals and wishes. Therefore this essence enables one to understand and respond to the so-called negative events of life with spiritual and wise insight and Universal benevolence.


This essence is for letting go of loved ones.  Bonds  of  love  are strong, so when separation comes for example through death, travel or ones child leaving home, a sense of loss,  grief and emotional upheaval often ensues. To  be able to let them go and feel inner peace shows the working of a beautiful heart, which does not need to control a person or have them next to them, to love them fully. 


This essence is for unconditional benevolence. Due to personal desire a person can be partial or selective in their giving, subconsciously  or  consciously  preferring  to give when there are positive personal rewards (emotional or physical). When such giving is consciously contemplated it is inevitably used to manipulate a desired response from another. 


This essence is for finding the strength and independence to break free from traumatic unhealthy relationships.  Unhealthy dependency that leads to constant trauma and pain is destructive to body, mind and soul. Too often one stays in these relationships to try and fix them up, eternally trying to make the other person see their point of view or because they subconsciously want to hurt the other person, repaying them for the pain they have caused. 


The essence gives the ability to perceive the function and purpose of the little  parts  that  make up a bigger whole. An inability to do this is often the cause of learning  difficulties,  because those who find it hard to do this,   have difficulties tackling problems. They find it hard to figure the cause of a problem and the steps required to solve it.


This  essence  brings awareness beyond ones  self-centered world. It opens the heart, giving  the desire to serve, to help others in their hour  of need. 


This essence is for taking a fresh slate, an open mind, free from the bias of   preconceived ideas and opinions. It inspires one to focus, to understand how the universe works and be forever open to its teachings.


This essence is for the joy of  sharing oneself  with other people in a carefree open way. Opening the heart and allowing interaction, with others without the feelings of discomfort  or  awk- wardness.  It  gives the freedom of uninhibited self-expression while remaining true to ourself, our values and ideals.

DIY Essence Drops - Living Essences Japan

Bottle Size
Number of Essences
  • Place 7 drops under tongue, morning and night, until finished.

    A 15ml bottle will provide a 2 week supply and 25ml will provide a little more than a 3 week supply.

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