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Light Essences

There are two collections in the Light Essences range, being the Light Frequency Essences and the White Light Essences.  Both have been created by Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences, at some spiritually powerful locations around the earth.  These can be purchased individually or in a discounted set.

Light Frequency Essences

These are a powerful range of seven light frequency essences created from sites in the Antarctic, Arctic, Amazon, China, Lake Baikal, Madagascar and Mt Pinatubo.  The best way to experience these essences is by using the whole set of seven essences, taken consecutively.  These can also be purchased individually.

"Discover and experience the Light Frequency Essences - what I regard as the most powerful Essences that I have been involved with. These new Essences have been coming through to help us stay in harmony and expand during this time of major spiritual, environmental and planetary change.” - Ian White

White Light Essences

These have been bought through by Spirit to help us invoke and access the realm of nature and spirit within ourselves so as to more fully explore and understand our spirituality and fulfill our highest potential.  Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences, created the White Light Essences over a period of four years.  These seven essences have been created at some of the most remote and sacred places around the world, including Scotland, Heron Island, India, Central Australia, Austria, Mexico and England.  The best way to experience these essences is by using the whole set of seven essences, taken consecutively.  These can also be purchased individually.

"The [Bush Flower Essences] have been a stepping stone to bring me to the point in my growth and spirituality where I have been able to make the White Light Essences.  They were made with the utmost integrity, humility and love, it is in that spirit I commend and offer them to you.  In much love, light and respect"  - Ian White

The White Light Essences help provide clarity and the courage, strength and enthusiasm to pursue one’s goals and dreams. They help develop intuition, self-esteem, creativity and spirituality. The effect is similar to meditation in that the essences enable the person to access the wisdom of their Higher Self.  Negative beliefs and thoughts are released, balance is restored and true healing can take place.


The essences of Water, Earth, Fire, Air help us to connect, embody, master and align to the Nature Spirit of the particular element. The essences of Higher Self, Devic, Angelic help us to connect with the highest part of ourselves and the devic and angelic realms.

Administering the Essences

The essences provided by Just Essence are at the dosage level which means they are ready to be taken as is.  If you are seeking the stock level essences, please contact Australian Bush Flower Essences directly.  


The Light Essences work best when taken individually one essence at a time.  Each essence should be taken for two weeks (7 drops under the tongue, morning and night) and at the end of that period you can either repeat that essence or commence the next one. It is highly recommended that the first essence to be taken is the Antarctic Essence of the Light Frequency Essences; or the Water Essence of the White Light Essences.

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