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Vibrational Energy Healing

Just Essence Australia uses the vibrational signature or energy imprint of things found in nature, to bring into our own energy field (biofield), to help to restore balance.  Such natural things include flowers, plants, crystals and locations.  The stock essences are sourced from the highest quality providers of vibrational essences being - Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Flower Remedies, Living Essences of Australian Flowers and The Liquid Crystals.  Just Essence also has its own range of stock essences.

With the exciting introduction of the Archetype Essences (coming soon), Just Essence is having a huge clearance sale to make room for the extensive new line.  Much of the current stock is going to be discontinued with some of the existing products remaining having a new label.  The sale will continue while the stock lasts, so get in quick!