Liquid Herbal Extracts

These are potent plant formulas where all of the constituents of the dried herb (ie the leaves, bark, flowers, berries, roots) have been extracted into a liquid form.  The menstruum used to extract the constituents is water and ethanol ranging in strength from 20% to 90% ethanol (except for Kava, which is extracted in water only).


This is the most potent, affordable and flexible form of herbal medicine you can get.  In a blend of 3 to 5 different herbals, numerous biochemical actions can be effected therefore addressing multiple symptoms at the same time.  At a dose of 15ml per day, to get the equivalent potency in dried herbal capsules, you would need to take between 15 - 30 per day and purchase up to 5 different bottles.

This dispensary has more than 100 different liquid herbal extracts ready to be blended into a unique formulation to address your specific needs.

Practitioner Only Nutraceuticals  

The practitioner-only nutraceuticals you will have access to in this dispensary have been carefully chosen to ensure maximum bioavailability and flexibility in prescribing.  Many of the nutraceuticals are single vitamins or minerals which allows specific nutritional deficiencies to be addressed.

There are also some multi-formulas that contain important co-factors to enable absorption or use within the body.



The dispensary also stocks a range of herbal powders and bulk nutraceuticals. These are compounded into specific formulations for clients where other products are not suitable.

This can include gut healing powders, poultices, herbal creams, herbal medicine sprays and capsules.

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