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The Archetype Essences

The Archetype Essences have been designed to help us all bring our given archetypes out of the shadow and into the light. As Socrates said “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom”. When we know every aspect of ourselves and can observe this without judgement, we achieve a certain confidence and grace and can hold ourselves in high esteem. I believe that knowing ourselves is the key to life – and the best way to get to know ourselves is through the expression of our personal archetypes.

What are Archetypes?
Archetypes are a type of label we use to describe a predictable set of behaviours and characteristics seen in us. If you watch Criminal Minds, when the team give the ‘profile’ of the unknown suspect, they are giving an Archetype (eg the Family Annihilator). They then use this Archetype to predict how the suspect will act in different circumstances and what drives their behaviour.

So what does the Shadow and the Light mean?
Our shadow refers to aspects of ourselves that we are not consciously aware of. It also refers to the ‘darker side’ of the archetype which out of balance, can go ‘into the shadow’ and express behaviour that does not positively support the soul’s journey. The awesome thing about knowing our archetypes is that we can learn about the shadow side of the archetype and then identify any behaviour we have that mimics it. This then brings our awareness to our shadow self by shining light on it, so to speak. So it comes out of the shadow and into the light. It is our duty to ourselves to fully express our archetypes in the light.

Carl Jung first used the term ‘archetype’ in 1919 and there is a lot of information available on the internet and in books on his work. More recently, Caroline Myss has produced a lot of work on Archetypes and I personally find her descriptions more relatable than the way Jung writes about them. I would suggest that the best first place to start learning about the Archetypes is at Caroline Myss’s website She proposes that we all have 12 Archetypes – 4 of them are common to us all – and the other 8 are what give us our uniqueness. There are more than 300 archetypes, so have fun finding your unique patterns.  Then start to observe yourself in different situations engaging with your different archetypes.


It is not surprising to observe that the people we have the ‘most in common’ with, are the people we share common archetypes with. Now - Remember rule number 6 when you set out on this path of self discovery – “Don’t take yourself so damn seriously” 💞